Blog Guidelines

General Guidelines

Students enrolled in the course should refer to syllabus or assignment sheet for specific content/topic requirements and due dates.

Blog posts will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • Meets word-length (700+ words) and content-type requirements.
  • Demonstrates command of written English, including adhering to correct grammar and spelling.  (Less formal language may be used, but that should not be confused for sloppy writing or lack of editing.)
  • Provides a clear, argumentative thesis in a short, introductory paragraph.
  • Demonstrates understanding of paragraph formation, formatting, and organization.
  • Each paragraph begins with an appropriate, clear topic sentence.
  • Engages directly with the selected course topic and uses outside sources to support claims as necessary.
  • Avoids repetition and unnecessary wordiness.
  • Provides in-text links to relevant outside sources and resources. If providing links to outside material, please make sure that you designate the link to open in a new window (one of the blog formatting options).
  • For sources that cannot be directly linked, correctly cites course texts and outside sources using MLA citation format as necessary.  Please use Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab as a resource for proper citation format.
  • If including images, adds a descriptive caption and provides citation/link.
  • Includes a clear, descriptive title that includes relevant keywords/terms.
  • Provides at least 5 relevant tags and is appropriately categorized.