So, What Are You Gonna Do?

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kelley reads and writes

If you’re anything like me, you’re an English major who is so sick of hearing your relatives ask this question over Thanksgiving dinner. That’s the sole reason the course entitled “The Liberal Arts at Work” appealed to me initially: I didn’t realize the liberal arts could have a place at work. But clearly, after taking this two week course, they not only have a place at work, they’re becoming the standard.  Employers are looking for idealistic, strategic young employees who are eager to learn and grow, who are more focused on their wellbeing than their monetary gain, and, well, that’s English majors.

Let me say that I think it is ridiculous how few English majors, and other humanities majors for that matter, know that there is life out there for them other than graduate school and a PhD. There’s nothing wrong with graduate school and a PhD; in fact, I…

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