Words, Words, Words: Liberal Arts Majors & Their Unnamed Talents

kelley reads and writes

English majors, as well as many other Liberal Arts majors, love words. Not only do we love words, we fixate on words. We love to analyze and pick at words within poetry, fiction, prose, anything we can get our hands on. As I’ve started to notice recently, we also seem to love words about ourselves, but they’re not usually positive. Upon taking the StrengthsQuest assessment, of which I’ll admit I was skeptical, I started to see that the things I’m good at aren’t just applicable to school and my personal relationships, and to think such is only going to limit me, even if I tell myself it’s more practical.

We have become so hurt by those who insinuate that our degrees are “pointless” or “unmarketable” that now we just assume two things: one, that everyone thinks this way about us, and two, that they’re right. Both assumptions, by the way…

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