What Comes After

A Professionalization Class

Jobs for a liberal arts major are endless, but most of us don’t realize it yet. I saw a small paper stuck to the wall of my adviser’s cubicle. Nothing fancy or anything. Just a bunch of words. What caught my eyes was ENGL. A bunch of random letters smashed into one right? However, for an English major, it brings out our curiosity. An English class! Oh what wonderful joy! I went on to read “Professionalization Workshop.”

What could that mean?

Other jobs? For English majors? No way!

This course opened my eyes. You’re expected to become a teacher or novelist with a liberal arts degree. Not very many sure fire options for you.

But here?

Here, you carve out your own path. Slicing through that jungle with your skills and education in hand! This spark needs to be loved, so that it can grow into the largest bonfire. This class alongside the more traditional liberal arts classes could help dig us out of the idea that there are so few options for us. We have so much potential in such a wide variety of things, so don’t just write yourself off for the default. I think we all know what that default is. ‘Well I can’t be what I want, or I don’t know what to do with my life, so I’ll just be a teacher.’ There is nothing wrong with teaching. It’s just not the right job for all of us, and there’s just not a good enough job market out there for every liberal arts major in every college across the nation to become a teacher. The liberal arts college that I am attending is the largest college in my university. Where are all of these liberal arts majors going to if not to teaching?

This class explains how to find those jobs, and which ones you would enjoy the most. It’s not an exact science. The majority don’t come out of the class knowing exactly what they’re going to do with their lives, but we at least have an idea now. With these blogs for our class, we can spread the word.

 Careers for the Liberal Arts




Helping Professions

All of these careers can be a liberal arts major’s career, and there’s much more. You can be your own boss. If your personality flirts with being both an introvert and an extrovert, entrepreneurship might be a good option for you. If you enjoy talking to people and helping others, sales might be an option.You can use your creativity in marketing. Many liberal arts majors go into law, and sometimes they are even preferred over other majors. Helping professions is something to think about as well. Psychologists and Counselors are great examples. They typically seem to get paid less than others, like a lawyer, but some offer housing as an incentive to take the job. That definitely helps a lot when you don’t have a very high salary. You get to help others with those types of jobs.

There are some websites focused on helping liberal arts majors find their niche in the world. Monster and College Ranker have an article about the highest paying jobs for liberal arts majors. Some of these jobs may surprise you: Economist, Sociologist and Archeologist are a few. There’s a My College Guide article on liberal arts as well. It helps put into perspective the job market for a liberal arts major. There are so many options for a liberal arts major. It’s not just about teaching.

The career that I never thought about having and that I researched for this class was a Recruiter. Most liberal arts majors don’t think of this job as an option, but many of us have the potential to be one. Do you enjoy making others excited about something? This might be a good fit for you.

Due to competition in the job market, you might consider to do something that would make you stand out in the crowd of job seekers. A good way to get a step up from others is to do things in front of a mass of people. Enjoy theater? You should try being in a play. You can also volunteer to help show new students around campus. Those types of things would show that you aren’t afraid of being in front of large amounts of people, and that you enjoy helping others.

Find your niche.



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