Knowing Oneself: Making use of Internal Strength

For the longest time I believed I completely knew what my strengths were and had no interest in figuring out anything other than what I had already knew. That being said, during this time I had very little interest in the meaning of professionalism or maturity. When looking back, it is easy to say now that I was going through a bit of denial. As time went on those emotions faded, but I still never quite understood what my strengths actually were. That was until I took a strengthsquest strengths test. Though the test, I didn’t find the answer I expected I expected, but an answer all the same. My individual results were deliberative, responsibility, self-assurance, consistency and intellection. Now a couple of those are ironic while others are granted. In the next five paragraphs I’ll tell you why.

Now the first one, deliberate, was a word I honestly had to look up to understand. The meaning relates to verbs, like I deliberately ate the last cookie as in I intentionally ate the last cookie. Deliberate means that conscious and calculated. Due to my ignorance on the subject, I had to think about it for a while. Until I realized I figured out what it really meant. The actions I commit to, the decisions I make are deliberate. Though I admit I really tend to be both bull headed and clumsy at times. Whether goofy or angry, I act to either make my friends happy or to act in the best interests of everyone. In that sense, I believe that though not in the same way as I, everyone is deliberate in their actions whether they know it or not. This is particularly relevant later on in life as a person matures.

Moving on to the second, responsibility, at first I didn’t think too much about this one. Initially I believed it was a common quality, one that really everyone “should” have when reaching a certain age. However, when examining the idea of responsibility closer, I see it isn’t that simple. To be in college, have a job, and a place to live takes a level of responsibility. To be held accountable for your actions whether good or bad takes responsibility. To be at any level of success in life, responsibility is absolutely key in the question of whether you want to live day by day by the paycheck or live life comfortably and securely. This particular concept along with another that will be mentioned is one that I believe people particularly feel as though they understand, but in reality they have only scratched the surface.

This next subject is one of particular importance, self-assurance. I have a theory on this one, only an opinion and in fact it would be named an opinion. However, I believe that self-assurance is the most important out of the five mentioned. Self-assurance pushes someone mentally to want success. To gain the best level of self-assurance, the individual must have goals and an environment to nurture that want towards those goals. The final result would be the result of both individual practice and outside sources. A result that is being reference here can be summed up in one word, success. If someone has a healthy amount of self-assurance, they can do anything and believe logically that they can. Too little and a person would be unable to reach for their goals. Too much and unhealthy consequences can be the result.

As referenced before, there are two mental mindsets that are key to being successful. The first is responsibility while the second is consistency. Consistency is taught in school as early as grade school, instilling the behavior to reluctant youngsters. I use the word reluctant lightly, because no one likes homework. However, metaphorically, life is entirely homework. You got a goal? Look into how to ascertain that goal by any means necessary. You want a six-pack? Work out your core and eat right every day until you get one. You want a specific job? Look into it; figure out the requirements and work until you get that job. When I say life entirely is entirely homework, I use homework in the sense that you got to work consistently to get what you want.

The final result I received on the strengths quest was something I found ironic. Intelligence comes in various forms and is gained through various methods. I’ll give an example which will explain the ironically comment. When I was younger, I was given the inclination that I was not as smart as my fellow classmates. In short, I was incapable of keeping up in school. However, when I experienced a new environment, I was given the chance to learn. As one could tell, I took that chance and several years later ended up in collage. The point of this paragraph is that everyone can have intelligence, you just got to find your way of learning it.

Now in truth, all this writing was a reflection on what I thought was a superfluous test. However, I was proven wrong, it gave me a better idea of what my strengths are.


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