Like Water

It’s often difficult for someone to identify their strengths and weaknesses. After taking the strength and personality assessments it has become a lot easier to look at my past experiences and determine what part of my attributes helped in those situations. This in turn helps to locate all of the possible career paths in front of me.

I can immediately identify with the strengths on my list thinking back to my days as a boy scout. On one particular camping trip I recall setting up my troop’s campsite. It had been one I picked out specifically for my group. I used the second best strength in my tool-belt, “Strategic” to pick out an excellent location in the middle of camp which allowed for quick access to multiple key places. It even had a nice view of the lake. I had already prepared my tent and other supplies as an example for the younger scouts. Later that day a random thunderstorm had popped up. The campsite I had prepared turned out to be at the perfect incline to create a stream. The new riverbed that was once the campsite carried away camping gear. Some of it went so far as to take a dip in the lake. Nothing was lost but everything; including clothes and sleeping bags were soaked through. I was embarrassed more than anything else. I imagined the other scouts walking up that evening expecting to arrive at the campsite only to find me soaked to the bone on my wet supplies in front of a small creek. I wasn’t going to let that happen, and that’s when my “Adaptability” came in. First I needed to get dry, I wasn’t about to sprint all over camp in the hot sun completely wet. Luckily I knew some friends on site who were willing to let me borrow some clothes. Once that was taken care of, I found an extra tent and supplies in the trading post for just such emergencies. I picked a new location that was flat and far away from any bodies of water. It was a location that served as a good enough substitute. I’m happy to say the troop was pleased and my dignity remained intact. In this situation my strengths worked hand-in-hand with each other. I had the strategic knowledge and adaptability so that when my plans went awry I was able to recover. In hectic careers like freelance writing and journalism where news events are constantly developing these strengths can particularly useful.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.” – Bruce Lee


Recently I started a registered student organization on campus called Film Hogs. As the president I have to act in a leadership role. Because of this I’m always being asked advice on film projects. Often times members will get stuck on different aspects and we need to work together to solve problems. My “ideation” allows me to think of new ideas quickly and my “empathy” allows me to stay grounded enough so I can understand the situation from their point of view. Together we’ll throw ideas against the wall seeing what sticks. As a collaborator on many different projects it helps to be able to see things through the eyes of others so that I don’t accidentally alter the original vision of my collaborators work. My “developer” mindset also helps in these collaborations when people become discouraged. Being able to encourage people and get them out of whatever problem they’re in is a great ability in collaborative settings. In Film and Television where a lot of people collaborate together to create projects this combination of strengths would be especially helpful. Creative problems never stop occurring in these environments. It is essential to be prepared to handle them as they occur.

All of these skills combined would likely be effective in public relations. In this working environment a group of people, often times writers, must come together to package information about a certain company or organization to be distributed to the public. They need to be able to come up with new topics to talk about to keep the public interested. This is where strengths such as ideation and strategic come into play. Public relations are also very crucial in cases where accidents and controversies occur. An organization needs to be able to share their point of view in these situations. Here is an article discussing Kristen Wiig’s character from “The Martian” as an excellent example of public relations.

At NASA, a Public Relations team comes together to take the technical information provided by the scientists and engineers and turn it into info the press can deliver to wide audience. This job would most likely be used in order to keep people interested in space travel. In future endeavors, such as trips to Mars, a public relations team would be in even higher demand as many people are likely to be interested in the astronauts going deep into space to visit planets millions of miles away.

As I have chosen English as my major with a focus in creative writing it makes all the more sense that my personality type be INFP. This is the same personality type as J. R.R. Tolkien, writer of “The Lord of the Rings.”

Photo by: “The Mediator (INFP) personality type.”

My introverted nature makes me look inward for answers while my intuition helps me to see the patterns in complex situations. I rely on my emotions and feelings when it comes to big decisions and I would rather perceive and consider all my options before making snap judgements. As a writer it would make even more sense that I have interests in the artistic fields as well as investigations. This combined with enterprising allows me to collect information and use it as a resource in my creative work. I have strong values in close relationships choosing to work harder on those already established than try to meet new people. When it comes to creativity I feel a need for recognition of my work and I believe it flourishes when I am given the independence to make decisions. With these all in mind it is likely that I would find comfort in careers that give me creative freedom such as freelance writing. Being an author or working collaboratively in film and television would also likely be a great place as it would give me a place to build relationships and work in groups on creative projects.


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