Reflection Time.

The timing of this course reflection couldn’t be more ideal. Yes, it’s at the end of the class obviously, but it is also the end of my college career. During the course of this class, I created my first resume, cover letter, attended two career fairs, created a LinkedIn profile, and went through my first serious job application process. It goes without saying, but I will anyway: I learned a lot.

I found the topics and ongoing conversation of this class incredibly useful. Until I took this course, I had never had to have a formal resume for any of my jobs. While this may seem unusual, most retail and service industry positions don’t require them. Now, I know how to use a job description to fine tune and hone a resume for that particular career or job.

In addition to never before  creating a resume, I had also never created a cover letter or considered my “personal branding statement.” Both of these things were foreign concepts to me. Today as I write this post, I stand to graduate in a week and while I don’t feel ready, I at least know how to look prepared for the rejection and tireless difficulties that are associated with the job hunt post-graduation.

I have started to look around this campus as I walk to and from my final classes. I reflect not just on this course, but the college experience as a whole. Three years ago, I stood on this campus not knowing a soul. As I reflect on my walks today in 2016, I am constantly and pleasantly distracted by the familiar face or casual run-in. I am surprised by who I am today, and how the things I have studied have made me a different person.

I don’t feel ready for the real world, but do you ever? I doubt my career path will be linear, but is it ever? A better question would be : “Should it be linear?” I didn’t choose my English Creative Writing degree because I wanted to make money. I chose my English Creative Writing degree because I wanted to study a discipline I am passionate about. This course has helped show me that success is objective and that everyone has a path. The lessons learned from both the college experience and Dr. Szwydky’s Class were invaluable and indispensable and I hope to use them on my own meandering road of life’s twists and turns.


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