Dear Samuel Beckett, I’m sorry but you wouldn’t have been as helpful…

For this intercession class, I had registered for a special topics over Samuel Beckett plays. From my understanding that class was not supposed to be listed on ISIS.  I had already arranged to take an intercession course, this was the only other English intercession so I said to myself, “fine I will do this class just to get the hours”.
I’m really happy I did. Not only did this course fulfill requirements for me, it actually helped in several ways. I had planned on quitting school soon because I have been working and working for a degree in English to apply for the MAT Program but I’ve realized that teaching might not be for me. So I started to feel like all of this was pointless because the only thing and English degree will help you to do is to teach. Or so I thought. I had never thought about the ways and English degree could be broken down and evaluated to fit that “related field” that is listed under the requirements section on job descriptions. Granted, a bachelors in English isn’t going to land me a job as an engineer which is fine because if I wanted to work as an engineer I wouldn’t have majored in English. But maybe I want to be a social media specialist for a business… I could make an English degree seem helpful there. I didn’t know that before this class.
When I first graduated high school I went to a junior college with business in mind, its practical and I can get a job almost anywhere. Lord have mercy I hated it but I felt like it was the thing I needed to do to guarantee a job when I graduated. Two years…..wasted. Yes, I gained a lot of experience that has helped me as someone in an office but I won’t ever get those two years that I spent miserable and suffering through accounting and economics back. Looking back, had I ignored my family’s opinions on an English degree I would be done by now. And maybe I would be teaching and ridiculously happy or maybe I’d be miserable. Either way, I wouldn’t have had the experience this class gave me.
The Pinterest project was a great opening for class, it helped me realize that liberal arts isn’t a waste and some markets prefer a more diverse degree. The maps we did on the second day made me realize that I really enjoy technology, I like anything that involves planning (and being in control a bit), and that while I enjoy reading, teaching wasn’t listed more than once. That kind of sucks when that was my plan for after graduation. Luckily, to do the things I have interest in don’t require another change in major. The article I found in the Pinterest search made me realize that.
The other resources gained from this class were just as helpful. In all honesty, I’m not sure how I ever got an interview, let alone a job, with the resume and cover letter I had.
“I personally believe I would offer a variety of skills to your office. As I said, I am a people person and I enjoy working with a team to do the best for my company. I am focused and detail oriented.”
A little snippet from my old CL. Laaaaaaammmmmmmeeee.
“I am writing in regards to your Multimedia Sales Assistant position. With a background in a variety of social media platforms and marketing myself as a small business owner, I can provide you with the opportunity to expand your marketing department.”
A little snippet from a new CL. Beeeeetttttteeeerrrrr. Perfect? No, it still needs work but it’s a huge improvement.
Understanding the possibilities outside just teaching is magnificent. Plus gaining the skills the reach those possibilities is even better. I’m still a year away from graduation (hopefully that’s all) but now I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure Samuel Beckett plays would have been just fine but I really doubt they would have changed my mind on staying in school. Yeah, it’s a little sappy but this class made me feel hopeful and have a positive outlook. It’s probably because Dr. Szwydky smiles so much though….

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